Jurassic Drag Queen
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Rockfax South Wales Sandstone Graded List ticklist

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Contraband7c ***10?Llanbradach
Mad at the Sun7c **1420mThe Gap
The Basildon Slapper 7b+ **1715mThe Darren
Sharpy Unplugged7b+ ***24?The Darren
Encore! Magnifique!7b+ ***12621mThe Gap
Face7b+ ***23?Sirhowy
Rise7b **21?The Darren
Dai Hard7b **5?Glynfach
Skanderbeg7b **41?Sirhowy
'King Ada7b **101?Sirhowy
Butcher Heinrich 7b **48?Sirhowy
Salmon Running, Bear Cunning Right-Hand Finish7a *15914mThe Gap
King Zog7a+ ***56?Sirhowy
Mother of Pearl7a+ ***17?Cwmaman
Pleasant Valley Sunday7a+ **8618mThe Gap
Cointreau7a+ ***3215mMountain Ash
Get Flossed7a+ **6817mThe Gap
Lyddite7a+ **2715mBargoed
Pastis on Ice7a+ **26?Mountain Ash
Outspan7a+ **23?Mountain Ash
Round Are Way 7a+ **23?The Darren
Scared Seal Banter7a+ **1914mThe Gap
Slip into Something Sexy7a+ ***24?Llanbradach
Propaganda7a+ ***26?Cwmaman
Eastern Bloc Rock7a+ **57?Navigation Quarry
Blowing for Tugs7a+ *20?Bargoed
Sheer Heart Attack7a+ **739mSirhowy
Food for Parasites7a+ **17?Llanbradach
Western Front Direct7a ***201?Navigation Quarry
Misadventure7a **64?Mountain Ash
Gott in Himmel7a *98?Sirhowy
Mawr, Mawr, Mawr7a ***205?Sirhowy
The Uninvited7a **5514mCoed Ely
Rhubarb Lets Fly7a *24?Trehafod
Leave it to Me7a *11?Dyffryn
One Track Mind7a **21318mThe Gap
Demi Moore7a *28?Trehafod
Turn Off the Sun7a *14?Glynfach
Young, Free and Single7a **32?Coed Ely
Banog's Barmy Army7a **38?Trebanog
Killer Queen7a **86?Sirhowy
Hail Mary7a *36413mTirpentwys
Nosepicker7a ***2218mTreherbert Quarrry...
Supertramp7a ***47517mTirpentwys
Shaken Not Stirred6c+ *33?The Darren
Fairies Wear Boots6c+ **32?Tyle y Coch
Enema of the Affair6c+ *25?Tyle y Coch
Hair of the Dog6c+ *56?Trebanog
Great Expectations6c+ **82?Navigation Quarry
Our Man In Bargoed6c+ *2515mBargoed
Gorki's Zygotic Mynci6c+ *50?Trehafod
Deus ex Machina6c **15320mNavigation Quarry
The Relaxed Ladybird6c **18020mNavigation Quarry
Behind the Lines6c **52?Coed Ely
Scrotum Oil6c *3618mThe Gap
Hostility Suite6c **96?Sirhowy
Molybdenum Man6c *56?Mountain Ash
Moses Supposes His Toeses Were Roses6c *19?Glynfach
So Uncool6c *9912mThe Gap
Leave it to Me6c **10014mThe Gap
The Mastic Mick6c *6014mThe Gap
Strange Little Girl6c ***339?Sirhowy
Elf and Safety6c *15?Trehafod
The Grout of San Romano6c **11012mThe Gap
Controlled Emission6c **6518mThe Gap
Peachy6b+ **24?Tyle y Coch
Killer ArĂȘte6b+ ***4012mGlynfach
Queens of the Stone Age6b+ **124?Sirhowy
Beware the Burly Butcher of Bargoed6b+ **90?Bargoed
Yikes6b+ *68?The Gap
Raving Queen6b+ *92?Sirhowy
Piano Dentist6b+ *2022mCrymlyn Quarries
Gaz 3166b+ **8417mAbbey Buttress
Slip into the Queen6b+ **73?Sirhowy
The Bolt-Fund Blues6b+ *6220mNavigation Quarry
Flakes and Chips6b+ *25616mTirpentwys
Twisted logic6b+ *29213mTirpentwys
Crock Licker6b+ **38?Treherbert Quarrry...
Enigma6b *29?Dyffryn
Black Magic6b **26320mNavigation Quarry
Rattle Those Tusks6b **22518mThe Gap
Nappy Rush6b *32?Llanbradach
High Moon6b *38?Tyle y Coch
Half Man Half Machine6b *5410mNavigation Quarry
Bad Bad Boy6b *35?Dyffryn
The Tactless Teacher6b *29913mTirpentwys
Pepperatzi6b *7810mBargoed
Lundy Boy6b **395?Tirpentwys
Firewater6b *115?Trebanog
Land of the Dinosaurs6b **29615mThe Gap
Blood, Sweat and Beers6b **191?Navigation Quarry
A Poxy Queen6b **1559mSirhowy
Post Expressionist6b *51?Llanbradach
Don't Blame Me6b *8014mThe Gap
Terry Forkwit6b ***58?Treherbert Quarrry...
Balthazaar's Ball Sac Bulges Beholding Bouncing Bargoed Booties6b *25?Bargoed
Ring of Confidence6b *11318mThe Gap
The Cragmeister6b **42416mTirpentwys
Greased Balls6b *10518mThe Gap
Catch the Pigeon6b *11?Dan Dicks
A Certain Peace6b **77?Mountain Ash
Brittania6b *62?Bargoed
Diamond Dog6b *48015mTirpentwys
Bluster6b **30014mThe Gap
Sorry Lorry Morry6b **48?The Darren
Dirtbag ArĂȘte6b *2618mBlaenllechau
Dirty as a Dog6b *24?Llanbradach
Rising Sap6a+ **83?Mountain Ash
Galvinised6a+ **44?Gelli
The Godfather6a+ *8112mThe Gap
I Came6a+ *63?Mountain Ash
Beavers At Bargoed6a+ *5610mBargoed
Campaign for See-Through Bikinis6a+ ***87?Coed Ely
Earl of Porth6a+ *5111mTrehafod
Marlin on the Wall6a+ **23414mThe Gap
Kabuto Mushi6a+ *140?The Gap
Fluster6a+ **36514mThe Gap
The Chimney Finish6a+ *59217mTirpentwys
Poker in the Eye6a+ **20617mThe Gap
Baldy Walks to Ponty6a+ *51?Trehafod
Hawks Cheep6a+ **94?Bargoed
Discount Included in the Price6a+ **97?Trehafod
Shackles of Love6a+ *11617mThe Gap
Drag Queen6a+ *147?Sirhowy
Leading Edge6a *25513mTirpentwys
Grout Expectations6a *11217mThe Gap
Yank the Plank6a *54?Cwmaman
Up Yours6a **11411mThe Gap
Hey Mister6a *57?Cwmaman
Crash Landing6a *202?Navigation Quarry
Groping for Jugs6a ***13712mBargoed
Rocky6a **75013mTirpentwys
Mister Faraday6a *11217mThe Gap
Twice Shy6a *27?Llanbradach
Rockover Beethoven5c *175?Navigation Quarry
Little Queen5c **171?Sirhowy
Pocket Battleship5c **82?Dyffryn
The Forgotten Route5c 2110mCwmaman
Dicky Dyson5c **3118mBlaenllechau
Newton's Apple5c *11811mThe Gap
Mental Mantles5c *78316mTirpentwys
Generation Gap5c *23617mThe Gap
Weeping Stump5b *7124mMountain Ash
Looking for Leather5b *37?Cwmaman
Per Rectum5b *946mThe Gap
He Sawed5a *66?Mountain Ash
Leaky Ball Cock5a *3112mBlaenllechau
Down Under4c *76?Gelli
Fairy Godmother4c *3412mBlaenllechau
Raspberry Ripple4c *4012mBlaenllechau
Ripple Slab3a *3112mBlaenllechau
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