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C Ramsden, Jul 2010
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Moors Routes Of E6 And Above ticklist

contributed by Franco Cookson Mar/14

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Ch-ChingE7 6c *5?Raven's Scar
No ExpectationsE6 6b ***212mWhite Hill Landslip
Weasel AreteE6 6a *310mOtter Hill Bastion
Die By The SwordE7 6c *5?Danby Crag
A Different Kind of BlueE7 6c ***316mRaven's Scar
The Waves Of InspirationE7 6c ***6?Stoupe Brow
The BasstardE6 6c **314mSmugglers Terrace
ArchaeopteryxE7 6c ***5?Maiden's Bluff
The Tormented SoleE7 6b ***616mSmugglers Terrace
Desperate DenE6 6c **615mHighcliffe Nab
The White ScoopE7 6b **514mStoupe Brow
The MooseE8 6c ***510mDanby Crag
Foxy GrooveE6 6c **3?Fox Ghyll
Present PerfectE7 6c ***1?Hillhouse Nab
Scut de Scun aiE7 6b **45mRound Crag
Pippi LongstockingE6 6c **25mRound Crag
A Fistful of PotashE6 6a 56mRound Crag
EsmereldaE7 6c **1?Highcliffe Nab
GoldE8 7a **-12mKepwick
TrueE7 6b -?Kepwick
Ram-raidE6 6c *215mStoupe Brow
Howl PsycheE6 6b *213mDanby Crag
The Otter Wilderness RouteE6 6b **215mDanby Crag
The Battle For TripoliE6 6a *312mDanby Crag
CollateralE7 6c **1114mRaven's Scar
Stuck In The SkyE5 6c **2?Tranmire
FranziskanerE5 6b **6?Glaisdale Rigg
Top WizardE6 7a 2?Glaisdale Rigg
Three Screaming PopesE6 6c *10?Raven's Scar
Original SinE7 6c *-?Highcliffe Nab
Psykovsky's SequinsE8 7a **3?Danby Crag
GnedlmaedlE6 6a *2?Glaisdale Rigg
Fire DanceE6 6a ***412mStoupe Brow
Turbulent CascadeE6 6a 314mThorgill
Cardiac ArrestE6 6b *2?Highcliffe Nab
Penthouse PerfectionE7 6c *1?Hillhouse Nab
PreteritumE7 7a 1?Hillhouse Nab
The Currents Of ChangeE6 6c **1?Duck Crag
Fly AgaricE8 7a **3?Danby Crag
Elysian FieldsE7 6a **312mDanby Crag
PlasticmanE7 7a **3?Maiden's Bluff
Parochial MasterE7 7b 1?Thorgill
Wheat from the ChaffE6 6c *18mThorgill
Trance DanceE7 7a 1?Danby Crag
Sky BurialE7 6a ***614mMaiden's Bluff
SanctuaryE6 6b ***114mEskdale Crag
Infinity in a Grain of SandE8 6c 2?Danby Crag
Are You Shpongled?E7 6a 1?Kay Nest
Divine Moments Of TruthE9 6c 320mKay Nest
TrailblazerE6 6a **16mKay Nest
Blaze of GloryE7 6a 16mKay Nest
Cardiac Arrest (without siderunners)E7 6b 1?Highcliffe Nab
The Art of Non-ConformityE7 6c ***-?High Crag
Magic In The AirE7 6b ***8?Highcliffe Nab
Fresh Arete (no siderunners)E7 6b **5?Round Crag
PowerslaveE6 6a 111mDanby Crag
Ebola TombolaE7 6b 111mDanby Crag
AnubisE6 6b **18mDanby Crag
EyebrowE6 6b *212mStoupe Brow
Dark StarE7 6c **2?Danby Crag
MYXOMOPE9 7a ***1?Stoupe Brow
Boulby WallE8 6c **2?Boulby Cliffs
The AghoriE9 7a 3?White Hill Landslip
Futuristic Hering Gull ProjectE8 7a ***3?Maiden's Bluff
Black NightE7 6c 7?Wainstones
ImmortalE12 7a -?Maiden's Bluff
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