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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
The Dark Arts7b **20 May, 2012Trow Gill
Pimp with a Limp7a+ ***20 May, 2012Trow Gill
Trowgerbirge Wall7b ***20 May, 2012Trow Gill
Phantom Zone7c ***20 May, 2012Chapel Head Scar
Super Duper Dupont7c ***20 May, 2012Chapel Head Scar
Mid-air Collision/Flight Path7b ***20 May, 2012Chapel Head Scar
Super Dupont7b+ ***20 May, 2012Chapel Head Scar
Wargames7b+ ***20 May, 2012Chapel Head Scar
Ground Effect7b **20 May, 2012Kilnsey
Comedy7c ***20 May, 2012Kilnsey
Frankie Comes to Kilnsey7b+ ***20 May, 2012Kilnsey
50 for 57c *20 May, 2012Kilnsey
Biological Need7c ***20 May, 2012Kilnsey
Dominatrix7c ***20 May, 2012Kilnsey
Witches Brew7b **20 May, 2012Kilnsey
Obsession7b+ ***20 May, 2012Malham Cove
Just Another Dead End Job7a *20 May, 2012Malham Cove
Seventh Aardvark7b **20 May, 2012Malham Cove
Tremelo7c ***20 May, 2012Malham Cove
Space Race7b+ ***20 May, 2012Malham Cove
Taking the Space7b ***20 May, 2012Malham Cove
Yosemite Wall7a+ ***20 May, 2012Malham Cove
Against the Grain7a+ **20 May, 2012Malham Cove
Something Stupid7b *20 May, 2012Malham Cove
Cold Turkey7b **20 May, 2012Troller's Gill
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