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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Bee VD * Lead O/S 28/Apr/07 Stanage Popular
Crack and Corner S 4b *** 2nd 03/Feb/07 Stanage Popular
Jitter Face HS 4a ** 2nd O/S 03/Feb/07 Stanage Popular
Via Media VS 4c ** 2nd 03/Feb/07 Stanage Popular
Oblique Crack S 4a * 2nd 03/Feb/07 Stanage Popular
Right Twin Crack VS 4c * Solo 03/Feb/07 Stanage Popular
Boot Crack HVD * Lead O/S 03/Feb/07 Stanage Popular
Muesli HS 4c Solo RP 03/Feb/07 Stanage Popular
No Zag E1 5b * TR dog 07/Jul/06 Burbage South Edge
The Drainpipe HS 4b ** 2nd 07/Jul/06 Burbage South Edge
The Staircase S 4a * 2nd 07/Jul/06 Burbage South Edge
Less Bent S 4a Lead O/S 07/Jul/06 Burbage South Edge
Wazzock S 4a * Lead O/S 07/Jul/06 Burbage South Edge
Fox House Flake VS 4b ** 2nd O/S 07/Jul/06 Burbage South Quarries
The Kirkus Original VS 5a * TR O/S 28/Jun/06 Stanage Popular
Jitterbug Buttress S 4a Lead 28/Jun/06 Stanage Popular
Right-hand Trinity S 4b ** 2nd O/S 28/Jun/06 Stanage Popular
Flying Buttress Gully D Lead O/S 28/Jun/06 Stanage Popular
Hells Bells HS 4b * TR O/S 21/Jun/06 Millstone Edge
Giant's Steps VD 2nd 21/Jun/06 Millstone Edge
Midrift VD 2nd O/S 21/Jun/06 Millstone Edge
Street Legal E2 5c * TR RP 21/Jun/06 Millstone Edge
Capstone Chimney D * 2nd O/S 24/May/06 Stanage Popular
Grotto Slab M * Lead O/S 24/May/06 Stanage Popular
Little Plumb D Lead O/S 10/May/06 Burbage North