Logbook for Domrowe

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Name Grade Style Partner(s) Notes Feedback Date Crag name
The Non Conformist f8A *** Sent x LeoSkinner 20 Aug Vicarage Cliff
Knights Of The Round Table Variation f7C ** Sent x LeoSkinner 16 Aug Tintagel North
AWOL Apprentice f7C *** Sent x LeoSkinner, Solly 14 Aug Tintagel North
Diskevra f7C ** Sent x Solly, LeoSkinner 14 Aug Tintagel North
Corridors of Power f7C *** Sent x LeoSkinner, livpearson 7 Aug Hartland Quay
Knights Of The Round Table f7C+ ** Sent x LeoSkinner, livpearson 6 Aug Tintagel North
Bit Bites Again f7C * Sent x   26 Jul Biblins Cave
Body Cat f7C+ Sent x   17 May Dinas Rock
Shamu f7B+ ** -   17 May Dinas Rock
Starke Attack f6A * -   17 May Dinas Rock
Life Of Fyfe Original f7C *** Sent x   17 May Dinas Rock
Piranja f7C+ *** - LeoSkinner 10 Apr Averstal (Magic Wood)
Roof Of A Baby Buddha V10 *** Sent x   27 Mar Maes Newyddion Woods
Flick of the Wrist f7C+ *** -   26 Mar Tanygrisiau Boulders
Bara Brith V10 ** Sent x   4 Mar Clogwyn y Bustach
Taylor Made Footless f8A Sent x   24 Feb Dinas Rock
Lotus V10 ** Sent x LeoSkinner 14 Feb Wavelength Boulders
The Fisherman f8A * Sent x   17 Jan Ogmore Bouldering
Woodstone f8A+ Sent x LeoSkinner 2 Dec, 2022 Neath Abbey Quarry
Woodstone Stand f7C Sent x   30 Nov, 2022 Neath Abbey Quarry
The Woodshed f8A+ *** Sent x   18 Nov, 2022 Neath Abbey Quarry
Down Under f7C+ ** Sent x Solly, LeoSkinner 27 Sep, 2022 Averstal (Magic Wood)
Rythmo f7C+ *** Sent x   25 Sep, 2022 Averstal (Magic Wood)
Jack's Broken Heart f8A+ Sent x Solly, Zedekaii, Tala... 22 Sep, 2022 Averstal (Magic Wood)
High Society f7C ** Sent x   3 Sep, 2022 Bacon Hole
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