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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Bare Reputation E4 6b *** Solo dnf 17/Apr/14 Cave Hole
Memory Lane 6a * Solo 17/Apr/14 Cave Hole
The Conger E2 5c *** Solo 16/Apr/14 Fishermans Ledge
Troubled Waters HVS 5a ** Solo 16/Apr/14 Fishermans Ledge
Freeborn Direct E4 6a Solo 16/Apr/14 Fishermans Ledge
The Walkin' Dude E4 5c Solo ?/Sep/13 Lulworth
Jellied E3 5c * Solo ?/Sep/13 Fishermans Ledge
The Conger E2 5c *** Solo ?/Sep/13 Fishermans Ledge
The Vanishing Approach Traverse 6c Solo ?/Sep/13 Fishermans Ledge
Privateer E6 6b *** Solo ?/Sep/13 Fishermans Ledge
Freeborn Man E4 6a *** Solo ?/Sep/13 Fishermans Ledge
Magic Flute E1 5c * Solo ?/Aug/13 Beck's Bay
Tourist's Traverse 6b ** Solo O/S ?/Aug/13 Concrete Zawn
Love 6a * Solo ?/Aug/13 Kato Zawn
Way Down 4c * Solo ?/Aug/13 Kato Zawn
Hate 5a ** Solo ?/Aug/13 Kato Zawn
Marvellous Mags (DWS) 6a+ S1 ** Solo ?/Aug/13 Hedbury
Zircon (DWS) 6a+ S1 ** Solo ?/Aug/13 Hedbury
Hazelnut Surprise 6a Solo ?/Aug/13 Ingrina
Street Serenade 4a S1 *** Solo ?/Aug/13 Ingrina
How About It? 6b S2 Solo ?/Aug/13 Ingrina
You and Me, Babe 6a+ S1 * Solo ?/Aug/13 Ingrina
Romeo & Juliet 6a S1 * Solo ?/Aug/13 Ingrina
Bristol Biters 6a+ S1 * Solo ?/Aug/13 Ingrina
Mads Dogs and Englishwomen 6c S0 * Solo ?/Aug/13 Ingrina