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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
South-East Ridge PD 2nd 12/Aug/15 Mönch
South-East Ridge F ** 2nd 08/Aug/15 Castor
Signalkuppe (West Flank) F 2nd 06/Aug/15 Monte Rosa Group
Zumsteinspitze (South-East Ridge) F 2nd 06/Aug/15 Monte Rosa Group
Piramide Vincent (North-North-West Flank) F AltLd 05/Aug/15 Monte Rosa Group
Ludwigshöhe (South-West Ridge) F AltLd 05/Aug/15 Monte Rosa Group
Balmenhorn (North-East Ridge) PD- ** AltLd 05/Aug/15 Monte Rosa Group
West Flank - Voie Normale - from Vittorio Emmanuel II PD- * Lead 03/Aug/15 Gran Paradiso
West-North-West Ridge F 2nd 10/Aug/14 Allalinhorn
Dri Hornli Ridge AD ** AltLd 06/Aug/14 Weissmies
North-West Flank & South-West Ridge - Normal Route PD Lead 04/Aug/14 Weissmies
Southeast Ridge AD 4c *** AltLd 02/Aug/14 Aiguilles Rouges
Northwest Ridge PD *** AltLd 28/Jul/14 L'Aiguille Verte
Mont Buet (North Ridge) 3 - 27/Jul/14 Sixt Fer a Cheval
The Arete HS *** 2nd 25/May/14 The Napes
Needle Ridge VD *** 2nd 25/May/14 The Napes
Golden Oldy II *** 2nd 28/Feb/14 Aonach Mor
North-East Ridge PD - 10/Aug/13 Nadelhorn
South-South-West Flank (Normal Route) F - 06/Aug/13 Breithorn
Half Traverse (Western Half) AD- *** - 06/Aug/13 Breithorn
East Flank PD - 03/Aug/13 Alphubel
South-East Ridge PD - 03/Aug/13 Alphubel
West Ridge PD - 01/Aug/13 Strahlhorn
Alpendurst 4c *** AltLd 30/Jul/13 Jegihorn
North West Flank F - 28/Jul/13 Stellihorn