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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
The Press f7B+ ** Sent x 19/May/10 Water-cum-Jolly
Inaudible Vaudeville f7C ** Sent 10/May/10 The Bowderstone
Grand Opera f7C * Sent 10/May/10 The Bowderstone
Impropa Opera f7B+ *** Sent x 10/May/10 The Bowderstone
Power Pinch f7B+ *** Sent 10/May/10 The Bowderstone
Mossatrocity V9 Sent x 03/May/10 Yarncliffe Quarry
Hanging Prow Crouch Start f7A+ * - 18/Apr/10 Burbage South Quarries
Weedkiller footless f7C * - ??/10 Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Tumbleweed f8A - ??/10 Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Beaver Cleaver V8 ** - ??/10 Parisella's Cave
Lou Ferrino V10 *** - ??/10 Parisella's Cave
Rock Atrocity f7C ** - ??/10 Parisella's Cave
Brad Pit f7C *** Sent x 18/Oct/09 Stanage Plantation
Ben's Reverse f7B ** Sent x 10/Oct/09 Stanage Plantation
The Terrace f7C *** Sent x 01/Oct/09 Burbage North
Hanging Wall Sitter f7A Sent O/S 26/Sep/09 Burbage North
Bus Stop f7B+ ** Sent x 20/Aug/09 Cromlech boulders
Johnny's Problem V8 * Sent β 20/Aug/09 Cromlech boulders
Pill Box Original V6 ** Sent β 09/Apr/09 Pill Box Wall
Clever Beaver V7 * Sent x 08/Apr/09 Parisella's Cave
A Bigger Splash Direct f7B *** Sent x 02/Mar/09 Water-cum-Jolly
Zippy's Traverse f7B ** Sent x 24/Feb/09 Stanage Plantation
Breakfast f7A *** Sent x 30/Dec/08 Burbage West
The Rightwards Traverse f6C * Sent O/S 15/Dec/08 Moturiki Island Bouldering
Du Hast f6C+ *** Sent O/S 02/Dec/08 Airstrip Boulders