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All the diffs from the definitive guide on stanage, the idea is to do them all in a day

evening sun at stanage   © mountainspeed85
evening sun at stanage
© mountainspeed85, Oct 2010

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Paul Dickenson leading Left Twin Chimney. Stanage. MOD

Left Twin Chimney
Paul Dickenson leading Left Twin Chimney. Stanage. MOD
© captainH

Jo leading Bee

Jo leading Bee
© monks

Gaining confidence

Grotto Slab
Gaining confidence
© rockfossil

Learning the ropes

Uno Crack
Learning the ropes
© Dan Matthewman

Bill and Julia on Dot's Slab

Dot's Slab
Bill and Julia on Dot's Slab
© Rob Jarratt

A climber catching a quick early evening solo up Staircase Rib

Staircase Rib
A climber catching a quick early evening solo up Staircase Rib
© Hezeki

Neil soloing Devil's Chimney D at Stanage Popular

Devil's Chimney
Neil soloing Devil's Chimney D at Stanage Popular
© Guru

Kylie on Fairy Castle Crack (VD*)

Fairy Castle Crack
Kylie on Fairy Castle Crack (VD*)
© nublet

A bit like being born. Awesome.

Black Chimney
A bit like being born. Awesome.
© Mutl3y

Soloing Enclosure Crack

Enclosure Crack
Soloing Enclosure Crack
© Simon Caldwell

Mike in a jam

Devil's Chimney
Mike in a jam
© David Jessop

Frosty Diff

Frosty Diff
© mountainspeed85

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Move VD 151 ? Stanage North
The Rack D 217 ? Stanage North
Kerb D 103 ? Stanage North
Manhattan Arête VD 228 ? Stanage North
Balance D 396 ? Stanage North
Un Hard End D 35 5m Stanage North
Flake Chimney D 124 ? Stanage North
October Crack D ** 1690 10m Stanage North
Deep Chimney VD 107 8m Stanage North
Pleasant Slab VD 255 ? Stanage North
Uno Crack D 1052 8m Stanage North
Staircase Rib D * 549 ? Stanage North
Mirror Hopping Days D * 153 7m Stanage North
Frosty D 820 8m Stanage North
Neb Corner VD 487 ? Stanage North
Boyd's Crack VD * 1210 12m Stanage North
Midge D 94 ? Stanage North
Gnat's Slab D 145 ? Stanage North
The Wide Crack D 131 ? Stanage North
Flaked Out D 87 ? Stanage North
Burgess Crack D * 154 ? Stanage North
Heather Slab D 52 20m Stanage North
Tetralix D 35 ? Stanage North
Enclosure Crack D * 237 ? Stanage North
Count's Chimney D * 146 14m Stanage Plantation
Scraped Crack VD 121 10m Stanage Plantation
Canton D 56 9m Stanage Plantation
Toxic D * 247 ? Stanage Plantation
Dot's Slab D * 203 ? Stanage Plantation
Dry Crack D 75 ? Stanage Plantation
Flute Chimney VD 59 ? Stanage Plantation
Jammed Stone Chimney HD 74 ? Stanage Plantation
Hollybush Gully Right VD ** 707 20m Stanage Plantation
Spur Slab VD 336 12m Stanage Plantation
Spur Slab Left-hand HD 57 ? Stanage Plantation
Compost Corner D 89 8m Stanage Plantation
Gardener's Crack D * 623 ? Stanage Plantation
Poor Pizza D 338 ? Stanage Plantation
Flake Gully D 341 12m Stanage Plantation
Sand Gully D * 945 10m Stanage Plantation
Left Pool Crack D 269 8m Stanage Plantation
Right Pool Crack VD 364 8m Stanage Plantation
Cannon D * 230 ? Stanage Plantation
Jammy D 384 6m Stanage Plantation
Accessory Chimney VD 4a 210 10m Stanage Plantation
A Black Ying D 249 ? Stanage Popular
Newhaven D 980 6m Stanage Popular
Wing Buttress Gully D * 385 12m Stanage Popular
The Nays D 241 ? Stanage Popular
Green Chimney VD 127 10m Stanage Popular
Corner Crack D 368 ? Stanage Popular
Verandah Cracks Right D 461 8m Stanage Popular
Narrowing Chimney D 184 8m Stanage Popular
Little Tower Chimney D 166 ? Stanage Popular
Devil's Chimney VD ** 580 12m Stanage Popular
Fairy Chimney D * 684 12m Stanage Popular
Fairy Castle Crack VD 464 12m Stanage Popular
Left Twin Chimney D ** 1160 14m Stanage Popular
Bee VD * 1647 12m Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Cave Gully D 434 ? Stanage Popular
Pedestal Chimney D * 869 14m Stanage Popular
Scrappy Corner D 399 ? Stanage Popular
Flying Buttress Gully D 693 14m Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse Right D ** 1474 16m Stanage Popular
Grotto Slab M * 3059 12m Stanage Popular
Capstone Chimney D * 1127 8m Stanage Popular
Black Chimney D * 477 8m Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece Buttress D * 1551 8m Stanage Popular
Square Buttress Corner D 778 6m Stanage Popular
Forgotten Chimney HD 106 ? Stanage Popular
29 stars 33,049 397m 70
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