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Greg Chapman is a boulderer's boulderer, authentic to the core, passionate, persistent, committed. He runs the website, works full time as the general manager of an outdoor company, and boulders every minute he can, from Hueco to Fairy Steps to his own woodie. His Lakes bouldering website is full of downloadable topos, news reports, videos and galleries. If you boulder, you've no doubt been there.

His latest venture is Elite UKBouldering Inventory, An Inventorial Guide to UK Boulder Problems of Font8a/V11 and Above,

Lists, lists, lists and bouldering news culled from a variety of sources. Here's a sampler of the UK's hardest boulder problems: where they are and who climbed them.

8c Walk Away (ss) Fairy Steps Upper Left, J Gaskins, 2003
8c Il Pirata Trowbarrow, Shelter Stone, J Gaskins, 2004
8c Shadow Play Kentmere/LF Giant Stone, J Gaskins, 2004

8b Cypher Slipstones, Arch Boulder, Ben Moon, 2002
8b High Fidelity Caley Roadside, Steve Dunning, 2003
8b Ullola Caley Roadside, Steve Dunning, 2003

8b+ Voyager (ss) Burbage N, Ben Moon
8b+ Staminaband/PUTP (Link-up) Raventor, John Gaskins
8b The Ace Stanage, Jerry Moffat

8b+ Pilgrimage The Orme Parisella's, Malcom Smith, 2005
8b/+ East Coker The Orme Parisella's, Chris Davies, 2007
8b Director's Cut The Orme Parisella's, Jamie Cassidy, 2004

8b+ Monk Life Kyloe in the Woods, Malcom Smith, 2003
8b+ Leviathan Kyloe in the Woods, Malcom Smith
8b Lothlorian Kyloe in the Woods, Malcom Smith

8b Super Size Me Dumbarton Rock, Malcom Smith, 2005
8b Pressure Dumbarton Rock, Dave MacLeod, 2005
8b Sanction Dumbarton Rock, Dave MacLeod, 2006

For a full inventory as downloadable pdf files go to As well as lists, there's a fair amount of news including the latest about Polish Dave, a cave near Stoney Middleton and a new Font 8a+/b.

Dawid Skoczylas (aka Polish Dave) has completed his roof project in the small cave a couple of minutes up the road from Stoney Middleton. The line involves "Wild and crazy moves - slapping, guppying, crimping, underclinging, twisting, torquing...

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