Serenata 8C for Dawid Skoczylas

Polish climber and UK resident Dawid Skoczylas hasrepeated Mike Adams' 8C Serenataon at Impossible Roof, South Yorkshire. Dawid put substantial time andeffort into the problem and joins a fairly small list of 'honorary' Brits to climb 8C.

Dawid on Serenata 8c: a long-term project, 231 kb
Dawid on Serenata 8c: a long-term project
© Monika Janicka-Skoczylas

Serenata climbs the low start into Serenity and ends in Ned Feehally's Serenade extension, therefore creating a link of an~8B+ into ~7C+, to produce one of the UK's hardest problems, first climbed in 2015.

Serenata 8C at Impossible Roof, 174 kb
Serenata 8C at Impossible Roof
© Monika Janicka-Skoczylas

Fitting in attempts between a full-time job and looking after his four children, Dawid's ascent is highly impressive. He told UKC:

"I am very pleased and surprised I did it.Relieved that a couple of years of effort (including time spent on Serenity and Serendipity) materialised in the ascent. Also relieved that I didn't get injured in the process! Brilliant line which you can dropon almost every move."

Dawid Skoczylas trying hard on Serenata 8C, 205 kb
Dawid Skoczylas trying hard on Serenata 8C
© Monika Janicka-Skoczylas

He added:

"I feelparticularly lucky that despite having a busy family life and full time job I can steel realise the teenage dream of climbing quite regularly, exploring new venues and on the odd occasion pushing my personal limits."

Dawid is supported by: Awesome Walls

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