Adam Ondra - Hotel Supramonte On-sight & F9a

In a recent trip to Sardinia, climbing prodigy Adam Ondra has made the first complete on-sight ascent of the classic route Hotel Supramonte. First climbed in 1998 by Rolando Larcher and Roberto Vigiani, this 11 pitch super-route has had attention from the world's top climbers including an on-sight attempt over four days from Brits Gaz Parry and Steve McClure back in 2005. Adam's ascent is remarkable as he on-sighted all 11 pitches himself, and in a single day.

The pitch grades are: 7c, 8a, 8b, 8a+, 7c+, 7c, 7a/b, 7b+, 7b, 7b, 6b+, creating a 400m route of exceptional difficulty. And although the grades are well established, Ondra commented on the site:

The pitches are not as hard as claimed in my opinion.”

Two days after his epic on-sight of Hotel Supramonte, Adam then went on to make the first ascent of Campo Con Corvi (F9a), also in Sardinia, making this his twelfth route at the F9 grade.

Watch a trailer of the planetFear video of Steve McClure and Gaz Parry on Hotel Supramonte:

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