Old 8c+ by Ondra

Adam Ondra has often showed he isn't affraid to try old school test-pieces, even if they're not the most appealing. On a visit to Cornalba, Italy, he made the (as far as I know) 4th ascent of Beppe Dallona's Les Sindicalistes, 8c+. Beppe did the FA back in 1995, tentatively giving it 8c+/9a, meaning it was, at the time, one of the hardest routes in the country. It has previously only been repeated by Cristian Brenna, in 2001, and Stefano Alippi, in 2003.

Adam climbed the slightly overhanging route 2nd go and also put up an 8c+, Riti Tribali, as well as an unnamed 8c.
Photo: Beppe Dallona on 'Les Sindicalites', by G. M. Besana

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