Robinson wins The Rock Rodeo

You could say Paul Robinson had a decent day at the pebbles when he won the Hueco Rock Rodeo this past weekend doing one 8B+, Terre de Sienne, two 8B's, two 8A+'s and one 8A. Those were just the problems that were included in the competition. I've no idea how many other problems he did. Matt Wilder was a close 2nd after what he describes as his best climbing day ever. For example, he did the 6th ascent of Terre de Sienne. All problems counted, he had a V94 day (that's 94 V-points... Nine Four!)
Photo: Matt off Terre de Sienne, from his blog

1. Thomasina Pidgon
2. Jenny King
1. Paul Robinson
2. Matt Wilder
3. Garret Gregor

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