Ondra repeats Corona, 9a+

Adam Ondra has done the 2nd ascent of Markus Bock's Corona, 9a+, in the Frankenjura, commenting on his 8a-scorecard that he used a different, tall man's, sequence.
This is what Bocki told me about the route: "The route starts with around 10 easier moves in the grade 7a or so, then the 6 move 8B bloc. and then without any rest a 15 move 8b route." "For me it's definitely harder than 'Action directe' cause I spent so many days on it and it suits me much better than Action directe. About the style: It's about 120 degrees steep, on small 2 finger pockets with really bad footholds. Technical and powerful, all the time "under tension"."
Adam Ondra on 'Corona', 9a+, by Vojt?ch Vrzba, courtesy of Czech Climbing.

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