Robinson in Arkansas (updated)

Paul Robinson has had his first climbing day at Horseshoe canyon ranch, Arkansas, and already he's killing it, dispatching The NEW anti-hero (2nd ascent, after Brad Weaver, post break, see comment), ~8A+/B and Loved by few, hated by many, ~8B, as well as flashing Bloody knuckles, 8A, in one day. Chating with him the other day, he said his main goal for the two week trip is to make the 2nd ascent of Dave Graham's Lost in the hood, 8B+, and who knows, maybe Witness the fitness is climbable after all?
Yesterday, he made a quick 3rd ascent of Dave Graham's Wood grain grippin', 8B+.
Photo: Paul and his art, from Paul Robinson coll.
Source: 8a

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