Paul Robinson about Lucid dreaming aka Rastaman vibration sit

I managed to get a short chat with Paul after his FA of Lucid dreaming, a problem that's most likely among the hardest on the planet:

Hey man! Congrats! You've been working a long time for this!
Ahh I know!
I've almost made it home too, I'm in a hotel in Utah about to go to bed!

Have you celebrated enough though?
Hahah not at all! I sent, re shot some moves and drove 10 hours
Just one question then, hm.... can you describe the problem and what makes it so difficult
of course... so to describe the problem-
beautiful, it is so pure to me. Really brings forth every style of climbing from power to crimp strength to technique, which is what makes it so hard.
I feel that the line is such a crazy culmination of style that it takes such accuracy to execute. Not only do you have to climb an insanely hard boulder but also climb a very heady 5 ft slab

Was it mostly mental or physical for you?
In the end I mean

I think both. I mean I knew I could do it. I had the physical, and it was linking the two
in one burn to make it all work.

Thanks Paul!

I'll catch up with Paul again for a more extensive interview later.
Photo: Paul Robinson on the crux of Lucid dreaming, Buttermilks, by Wills Young

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