Robinson Derailed at Rocklands

On his first real day of climbing at Rocklands, South Africa, this year, Paul Robinson made a super quick ascent of Daniel Woods' compression problem Derailed, 8B+, needing only 20 minutes. He also managed to do the 2nd ascent of Jungle bar, 8A+/B.

It's been raining quite a lot so far, which means there's been time to explore old and new areas: "We found Livin large,[8C] Nalle's climb from last year, and I was not too impressed. The hike was insanely long and I don't think I will try it at all during the trip. It looked ok but not worth the hike. I am very psyched on Monkey wedding [Fred Nicole's unrepeated 8C] and want to put my energy into that one! We did not find too much along the lines of fa's..."

I for one is looking forward to reading the next chapter in The New Adventures of Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson and a piece of his art
© Paul Robinson

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