Webb & Voges at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, ArkansasVideo

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Jimmy Webb, Brion Voges and friends spent a weekend at the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas.

The boys seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Brion did his first 8B+, Dave Graham's Lost in the hood. The main difficulty of this problem is the very first move, a weird off balance deadpoint/catch. After that, the rest is easier, around 7B+ or so according to Jimmy, and once Brion manage to stick the first move, he didn't let go.

Jimmy also came very close, and was also close on both Wood grain grippin', 8B+, and a project that's also likely to weigh in around that grade, so, stay tuned! I'm pretty sure they will return shortly.

Here's the video.

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Jimmy Webb is one of the world's top boulderers, with multiple Font 8C+ problems on his CV. He has been at the forefront of pushing into new grade boundaries for several years and made first ascents worldwide.

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