Promising start in Font for Robinson

A couple of days ago, Paul Robinson said the relocation from Ticino was the worst idea ever. Now, after his first climbing day in the forest, I wouldn't be surprised if he has changed his mind somewhat.

The bad weather didn't mean Paul relaxed at the gite. Far from it. He was out checking out problems and cleaning top outs, so when the crisp conditions arrived on Christmas day, he didn't waste any time.

This first day turned out rather great as it were, with ascents of Fata Morgana, 8A, (2nd go), Fata Morgana Bas, 8B, Satan I Helvete, 8B, and Satan I Helvete Bas, 8B+. Keeping up the momentum he continued the day after with ascents of Elephunk, 8B, and Le Toit du Gréau, 8A, which is the standing start to Chaos, 8B, or the other way around if you prefer. Next up could be The Island, if the tips aren't too sore.

Not bad... I wonder what will happen once he gets used to the Fontainbleau climbing style.

Paul Robinson on Satan i helvete
© Alex Kahn

Source: 27 crags

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