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As mentioned before, Paul Robinson is now back in Ticino, Switzerland, for another attack on The Story of 2 worlds, Dave Graham's 8C+ on the Dreamtime block at Cresciano. News about the progress is that Paul now has better beta for the 2nd part of the problem, Toni Lamprecht's The Dagger, 8B+.

The difference is he now uses toe hooks instead of heel hooks on a couple of moves. The new beta was given to him by German Andy Barth, who repeated The Dagger a couple of days ago. Although the change is only a subtle one, according to Paul, it makes a huge difference and feels confident he will be able to climb the whole thing unless the weather turns crap.

Paul Robinson's project at Brione, 183 kb
Paul Robinson's project at Brione
© Paul Robinson

Just because Paul wants to do The story..., it doesn't mean he takes time to repeat other problems, or find new projects elsewhere. The other day, he found a nice looking one at Brione. Edges, ramps and sidepulls takes you to a 7Bish mantle. How hard? Paul says 8B or harder, depending on if the footholds turns out to be in the right positions.

Here's a video of Paul repeateing a different story, The Never Ending story, 8B+, at Magic wood in the Averstal, Switzerland, to keep you until I've got some proper news. Hopefully a repeat of The problem mentioned above.

Paul Robinson has several sponsors including La Sportiva, prAna and Black Diamond

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