E8 Ground-Up for Caroline Ciavaldini

© Pearson/Ciavaldini Collection

James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini in Pembroke.
© David Simmonite

Caroline Ciavaldini in action on the World Cup competition circuit  © Ciavaldini Collection
Caroline Ciavaldini in action on the World Cup competition circuit
© Ciavaldini Collection
Visiting French competition climber Caroline Ciavaldini has been introduced to trad climbing at Pembroke by James Pearson.

Her first ever trad lead was the Pembroke classic Pleasure Dome (E3), a steep and pumpy route at Stennis Head.

"The climbing was easy and so she could concentrate on spending time to figure out the correct protection. She waltzed along the route, her appearance of complete control only disrupted from time to time when pull-testing gear and a nut would pop out and hit her in the face..." explained James.

She followed that up by attempting to flash Point Blank (E8) in Stennis Ford as her second ever trad route. A large fall ensued and Caroline climbed the route on her second try, ground up.

As far as we know this is the first time a route of E8 has been climbed by a woman without pre-inspection.

James told UKC:

"She was so solid on the route, really made it look like a path, and to make things worse, she was too small to use a good rest in the middle of the crux runout so just had to keep on moving."

Caroline Ciavaldini has several sponsors including: La Sportiva, Edelrid, Vaude, Adidas Eyewear

You can keep up with Caroline on her website: Caroline Ciavaldini

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Caroline's early climbing exploits were in the competition world where she had several years of excellents results. She later moved into sport climbing and eventually hard trad. She has made numerous difficult ascents...

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20 May, 2011
Caroline, outstanding effort!
20 May, 2011
20 May, 2011
Enjoying the way the news from one week in Pembroke about two months ago is being leaked out gradually to keep the right people in the headlines. Still, damned good effort. I expect DS will be letting you have some pictures shortly, since as I recall there were some good, er, aerial shots. jcm
20 May, 2011
"Even with the adrenalin of the fall making her shake, even with the fatigue in her muscles making her arms feel heavy, all she knew was that she had failed, that she should not have failed, and there was only one thing she was going to do about it." Wow.
20 May, 2011
Surely the question on everyone's lips is "are they at it?"...? If so, that Promise wasn't up to much. B
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