The Schengen Files from Paul Robinson

The Schengen files, 192 kb
The Schengen files
© Paul Robinson

The Schengen Files is a new video that's been shot, edited and produced by Paul Robinson and his girlfriend Alex Kahn. We get to watch some of the harder boulder problems Paul managed to repeat while he visited Fontainebleau and Ticino between the fall of 2010 and the spring of this year (2011).

At 21 minutes, the video isn't very long, but on the other hand the list of hard problems is. A few examples:
Trip-hop, 8C trav, Fontainebleau. 2nd (or possibly 3rd) ascent
Angama, 8C trav, Fontainebleau. 2nd ascent
The story of two worlds, 8C, Cresciano. 2nd ascent
La Force du destin, 8B+, Fontainebleau. 2nd ascent.

So what do I think of it? Is it worth the ~£4?

I say it definitely is. It's like an injection of pure motivation.

Paul and Alex have succeeded in conveying how difficult some of these problems really are. You get a feeling for how utter shit poor the holds are and that goes a long way. Not much to do about the fact that it doesn't look that hard when Paul does the problems, but still.
Paul says this is what he wanted to show and that this is why it was vital that he could call the shots himself when shooting. When someone else is shooting, they only get a vague idea about where the difficulties actually lie.
The plan now is to use the money from this project to be able to buy equipment for the next, which will be about bouldering in Japan and New Zealand.

Here is where you can download the video.

Paul Robinson has several sponsors including La Sportiva, prAna and Black Diamond

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