Mind Control, 8c+, by Nina Caprez

Nina Caprez on Fish eye, 8c, Oliana
© Maria Torres

Hot on the heels of Daila Ojeda, Nina Caprez, from Switzerland, has become the second woman to repeat Chris Sharma's Mind control, 8c+, at Oliana, Catalunya, Spain.

I talked to Pierre Délas (Kairn), who, at the same time talked to Nina.

She said that it's very long and technical and that she needed only six attempts to succeed.

Here's the break down: a 7c, then a sequence of 15 very technical moves which was the crux for Nina, and then a, for her, easier top with short cruxes with rests between.

For Nina, the hardest was to keep the focus and not make any mistake on the long crux.

Nina Caprez has an almost ridiculous number of sponsors, some of which are: Petzl, Five Ten, Julbo, Arc'teryx, Beal and prAna

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