Webb does Khéops assis, 8B+

Jimmy Webb
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A couple of months ago it was Adam Ondra, now it's Jimmy Webb who's visiting Fontainebleau for the first time. It would seem it is a perfect match as he, after only a couple of days has flashed Fourmis rouges, 7C, done Partage, 8A/+, second go, Khéops assis, 8B+, in an hour, and more.

I got a few comments straight from the horse's mouth:

Hey, seems Font suits you rather well! As expected.
Haha very well indeed.

It's funny cause I and Paul were talking about you going to Font when he was here. He said you would crush everything.
He was right!

Haha yeah I heard that from a lot of people actually.
Almost afraid I wouldn't live up to the expectations.

Well, you can stop worrying now.
Bit cold though, isn't it?

Yeah it's a bit bitter in the morning time, but once the sun comes around it's not so bad.
Looking forward to warmer weather though for sure.

Yeah, maybe it's a good thing to be able to feel your limbs?
Haha yeah. you kinda just try the problem, bundle up, and try again. almost immediately. 3 minutes off the wall and you're frozen!
Such cold fingers make the friction not so good as well.

What's the plan now?
Really just psyched to try and climb all the hardest boulders and all the amazing classic moderates.
Maybe The Island assis as well?

You mean the "real" assis? The project?
Uhm.. I dunno about that... we will see.
Haven't looked at the boulder yet. Psyched to do the original problem for sure!
Gotta take a couple rest days though. Got two splits today...

I'm pretty confident we will hear more from Jimmy Webb sooner rather than later.

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