Oddo cleans up the Chocolate factory

Enzo Oddo on Biographie, 9a+, Céüse, France, 80 kb
Enzo Oddo on Biographie, 9a+, Céüse, France
© Sam Bié/Petzl

By repeating The golden ticket, Enzo Oddo, 17, has done both 9a's at Red River Gorge's "Chocolate factory", a feat only Adam Taylor has done before.

Next stop for Enzo is Rumney, NH, where routes like Jaws II (broken Jaws)m The Fly, China glide and more awaits him.
Let's hope for cold crisp conditions.

Enzo Oddo is sponsored by: Sterling Rope, Five Ten, Petzl and prAna

Sources: DPM and Kairn

Here is a video of Ethan Pringle working the route.

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