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This week's Friday Night Video is a look at one of the most unique sport routes in the world: Digital Crack (8a). Located on a 50m granite monolith in the middle of the Arete des Cosmiques, with Mont Blanc towering in the background, it was first climbed by Thierry Renault and Alain Ghersen in 1990. In this video, Alessandro Zeni and Enzo Oddo discuss the route that was freed before they were born...

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 "I’ve enjoyed climbing from early childhood. Why? I was born in Nice, there’s rock everywhere and the weather’s good year round, so going climbing is easy. My parents climbed. When I was...

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15 Jan, 2022
20 Jan, 2022

A wonderful interview with Thierry Renault and Alain Gherson. Trying to watch the climbing and read subs at the same time though was not easy. Thanks for posting.

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