Enzo Oddo Crack Climbing in UtahVideo

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20 year-old French climber Enzo Oddo is known primarily for his hard sport ascents up to 9a+, which he achieved as a young teenager, with climbs such as Biographie (L1) (8c+) 8c+, Biographie (9a+) 9a+ (Ceüse), Victimes del Futur (9a) 8c+ (Margalef) and Tip Tik to Nik (9a) 9a (Gorges du Loup) under his belt.

However, a video has recently been released of Enzo climbing traditional crack lines in Utah, western USA - and he seems to turn his hand(s) to it rather well...

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19 Jan, 2016
Cool vid with nice drone footage though it looks like a teaser for something longer possibly. The slackline one (linked at the end) is also impressive. As for the climbing, impressive routes and climbing, but then 5.13 is far below 5.15 that he's capable of.
19 Jan, 2016
I suppose you climb the same French grades on gear as you do on bolts. Daft comment. Good to see a top young sport climber doing really hard trad. Inspiring film with excellent non gimmicky use of a drone (for once!).
Not that daft! Most years both myself and Pete climb harder on trad than we do on Sport. That's the mark of a proper trad climber ;-) I haven't seen the video yet, but if Enzo hasn't squeezed his way up something at least 14a, then he's just cruising his way up... Unless he's Euro lay backing?!?!
19 Jan, 2016
Seems like it's the first episode of a series, or part of a longer feature film.
19 Jan, 2016
Onsight? Lots of onsight 5.13's in the film. Or of one not trying hard enough on bolts....... ;-)
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