3 x 9a by Enzo Oddo in a week

French wiz-kid Enzo Oddo has struck again, not once but three times in a week.

Enzo Oddo on Promotion Canne à Pêche, 9a, La Ramirole/Verdon, 216 kb
Enzo Oddo on Promotion Canne à Pêche, 9a, La Ramirole/Verdon
© Alex Raczynski

Enzo, now 17, did his first 9a when was 14, and has climbed many of similar difficulty since, including the, to my knowledge, only ascent of Biographie, 9a+, at Céüse, since the crux at the start got harder due to a broken hold a couple of years back. Not even Adam Ondra succeeded, though, to be fair, he flashed up to the crux and only had time to give it two more goes.

Anyway, now Enzo has repeated Kick-ass at Déversé Satanique in the Gorges du Loup, Promotion Canne à pêche at La Ramirole, Verdon and PPP at Les Galetas. It doesn't get less impressive by the fact that he did them all within one week.

Enzo Oddo is sponsored by: Sterling Rope, Petzl and prAna

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