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Felipe Camargo Coquetel de Energia extension, 8c+, 56 kb
Felipe Camargo Coquetel de Energia extension, 8c+
© Felipe Camargo

This is a little teaser of the upcoming film Brasil vertical, featuring Felipe Camargo on some of his hardest first ascents around Brazil.

It includes, Coquetel de Energia extension, the first 8c+ in the country, a route near Rio de Janeiro that Felipe managed to make the first ascent of recently.
It's an extension to an existing 8b+ route, adding a ~7C boulder section after the original route.

Felipe had to climb it at night, by headlamp, to avoid the heat.

The main goal of the film is to just show a little bit of what Brazil has to offer to the international climbing community. The film will be released soon, for free on youtube!

Felipe Camargo is sponsored by: Singing Rock, Adrena, The North Face and Evolv

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