The Big Island, 8C, by Jan Hojer [UPDATED)

One month ago, Jan Hojer repeated Dave Graham's The Island at Fontainebleau. Now, he has started a couple of moves lower to the right and done Vincent Pochon's The Big Island, ~8C.

Jan Hojer on The Big Island, 8C, Fontainebleau © Sven Böhme
Jan Hojer on The Big Island, 8C, Fontainebleau
© Sven Böhme

When I asked him after the former ascent, he said the plan was to go back and try the lower start when it was dry. Guess he didn't get the chance during that trip.

Before this, The Island checked in at #7 on Jan's hardest-problem-regardless-of-grade list, so an educated guess would be that this one makes it into at least the top-5.

Now that you've done both versions, how would you compare them?
I don't think that the additional two moves make a big difference in difficulty. Probably a two move 7A into The Island but it's way cooler to start with a proper stand start...

Alright, so I guess this means my comment that this would make it into your top-5 was wrong?
Hard to compare to Momentum* [~8C], Satan* [i helvete, ~8B], or Off the wagon [~8C]* for example because The Big Island is much more resistant but without any really hard individual move.

*These problems share the #4 position on the list I'm referring to above. More about this and a lot of other similar lists soon(er or later).

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