PHOTO/VIDEO: Grit Action - Paralogism and More

The 'Classic' Shot of Paralogism, 118 kb
The 'Classic' Shot of Paralogism
© andi turner, Feb 2013
Plenty of action has been going on in the Peak District of late, and some of those out on the grit are Ethan Walker, Oli Grounsell and Nathan Lee.

Whilst not knocking out the biggest numbers, both Ethan and Oli had a good run with long lists of headpoint ascents of E6s and E7s.

Ethan Walker
Fat Slapper - E7 6c
Speak the Truth - E7 6b
Jumping on a Beetle - E7 6c
Moon Madness - E7 6c
Benign Lives - E7 6c
Velvet Silence - E6 6c
Make it Snappy - E6 6B

Oli Grounsell
Fat Slapper - E7 6c
Flash of In Winters Grip - E6 6B
Bad and the Beautiful - E7 6b

You can see some photos on their blogs: Ethan Walker, Oli Grounsell.

Nathan Lee has also been out on the grit, and a stunning photo of him on the Roaches roof climb Paralogism (E7) nabbed UKC photo of the week back in February (great shot Andi!).

We liked this little video of Nathan on the bold arete of Simba's Pride (E8 6b):

Ethan Walker has several sponsors including Mammut, Pro Balm GU Energy

Oli Grounsell is sponsored by Mammut and V12 OUTDOOR

Nathan Lee is sponsored by Mammut and Boreal



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