The Wheel of Chaos, ~8B+, by Puccio

Alex Puccio, 59 kb
Alex Puccio
© Patho Pix

Alex Puccio has repeated Daniel Woods' ~25 move The Wheel of Chaos, ~8B+, in the upper chaos at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

After her silver medal at the Bouldering World Championships in Munich last month, Alex chose to go back home to boulder outside rather than competing at the Adidas Rockstars invitational in Stuttgart, Germany.

So psyched to have climbed the Wheel of Chaos today! It was my second 8B+/ V14. It was my second day on it, and there was A LOT of epicing on it today before the send, didn't think it was going to happen. So happy!

With 8B+'s, several 8B's and many 8A+'s Alex' last three months or so have been beyond parallell in female outdoor bouldering.

Alex Puccio is sponsored by: Revolution and Scarpa

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