Kali Yuga, ~8B+, FA by Dai Koyamada

Dai Koyamada on Kali Yuga, ~8B+, at Miyazaki, Japan, 76 kb
Dai Koyamada on Kali Yuga, ~8B+, at Miyazaki, Japan
© Ikuko Serata

Dai Koyamada has made the first ascent of Kali Yuga, ~8B+, at Miyazaki, Japan.

This year I've been focusing on developing new areas in Japan and training at my climbing gym.
Recently I began focusing on developing some areas in the Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu (southern part of Japan).

There are a lot of granite rocks in Miyazaki and they are untouched yet!!

I've already put up many problems in Miyazaki and I've done another project on 25th Dec.
It is a 15-move crimpy problem and it's awesome!

I named it 'Kali Yuga', V14.

I'm now 38 years old but I'm still climbing well.

Dai Koyamada is sponsored by: Beal, Black Diamond, Evolv, Flashed, Inga and Musashi

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