VIDEO: Dreamtime, ~8C, by Cameroni

Giuliano Cameroni on Dreamtime, ~8C, Cresciano, Switzerland, 128 kb
Giuliano Cameroni on Dreamtime, ~8C, Cresciano, Switzerland
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Giuliano Cameroni, 17, has repeated Fred Nicole's Dreamtime, ~8C, at Cresciano, Switzerland.

Giuliano is a Ticino local who usually climbs together with the Ometz brothers, a young team-of-three who we will no doubt hear a lot about in the future.
Last year, he repeated The Story of two worlds on the other side of the same boulder, so this was the second of the grade for him.

In other sort of related Ticino news, both Samuel Ometz and Niccolò Ceria have repeated Jimmy Webb's Big Kat, ~8B+, at Chironico. The problem has now had three repeats, but no one has been able to do it using the original, "way too powerful" method, not even Jan Hojer.

Giuliano Cameroni is sponsored by: Five Ten and prAna

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