[UPDATED]Woods climbs The Process on Grandpa Peabody

Daniel Woods on Lucid Dreaming, ~8C, Buttermilks, 184 kb
Daniel Woods on Lucid Dreaming, ~8C, Buttermilks
© Sparkshop/Chuck Fryberger (video still)

Daniel Woods has made the first ascent of the "mega project", now The Process on the Grandpa Peabody boulder at Buttermilks, California.

Details are scarce, as in there are no details yet other than that Daniel confirmed in a text message reading Yea man I just took it down. Crazy process.

He agrees the hard training he put in between the La Sportiva Legends Only competition and now paid off, but at the same time says ...this thing was purely mental., though ...the training helped build [his] confidence. Feeling physically fit helps a ton for the mental.

In Exposure II, Daniel climbs the problem to the lip but doesn't really commit on the top out.

Regarding the difficulty, this problem, linking Blood Meridian, ~8B, straight into an ~8B+ followed by a scary ~7C+ top out, has been speculated to be ~8C+. Sounds quite reasonable from the couch perspective, but let's wait and see what Daniel has to say about it.

Perhaps he will wait until he has had a go at Christian Core's Gioia, ~8C+, at Varazze, again. The plan is to go there in late February.

Meanwhile, Alex Megos is working Lucid Dreaming just to the left, so maybe there will be more news soon...

This story will be updated as soon as I have more information.

Daniel Woods is sponsored by: Clif Bar, La Sportiva, Organic, Petzl, Sanuk and The North Face

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