VIDEO: Adam Ondra's flash attempt on Dreamcatcher, 9a

Adam Ondra trying Dreamcatcher, 9a, Squamish, Canada, 151 kb
Adam Ondra trying Dreamcatcher, 9a, Squamish, Canada
© Tim Schaufele (video still)

As the last Ondra report was admittedly confusing to say the least, I figured the man himself should help me straighten things out a bit...

Spain was great! I spent there just 5 days, 2 days climbing in Siurana, two days climbing in Santa Linya.
I tried Stoking the Fire with Sachi, it went quite well for both of us, but the second day it felt way more desperate and I could hardly do single moves, so I decided to leave it and climb a bit more on some easier stuff (Gipsy Blood, Rock Fucks). And then I had to leave to catch the flight to Canada.

We climbed two days in Squamish, weather was nice and warm. I got to try my long term dream - flash of Dreamcatcher, but it did not happen. It was still a little humid, I fell in the third boulder in the finger slots due to grabbing the wrong part of the crack, but I would definitely have fallen off the very top anyways. Just was not strong enough at that moment.
Second go was rather for training purpose, 20 mins of rest is not enough for me. Unfortunately no more time to get back on this thing.

Here is the video

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