Tourniquet 8A for Leah Crane

Leah Crane has completed the steep and physical problem Tourniquet 8A on the Giant Stone in Kentmere. The problem follows an overhanging line on the underside of the aptly named Giant Stone which sits at the top of 'Little Font' in Kentmere. It was originally given 7C+ but the general consensus is now 8A since a hold broke a few years ago.

Leah Crane on Tourniquet 8A, 245 kb
Leah Crane on Tourniquet 8A
© Liam Lonsdale Photography

Leah worked the problem over four sessions last summer and fell off the finishing jug on the last session. After taking a break due to a shoulder injury, Leah returned last night with no expectations and managed it first go after reminding herself of the sequence.

Of the problem, Leah told UKC: "It is the coolest and hardest boulder problem I have done to date. Last year I invested a lot mentally and physically, to no avail. I first saw a video of the bloc online and instantly wanted to get on it. I've never climbed anything remotely similar to how this problem climbs, it is super beta intensive with intricate footwork (for me) and really doesn't give any respite until you have topped out. It took me a whole session last year to work out all the moves in a way I could do them - which is a lot for me. Working out the beta baffled me, to the point where I changed my sequence every visit."

She added: "This year I feel so much stronger after working with my coach, Suz Dudink. I'm really grateful to her for all of her time, effort and input and I finally feel like I am making some solid gains."

Leah's success comes at the end of a week in which she also sent some classic North Wales boulder problems including Rockatrocity 7C in Parisellas Cave – see the full article on her short trip here.

Leah is sponsored by: Beal, Casa Catalunya, Julbo, La Sportiva, Lyon Outdoor, Marmot, Petzl and The Arch Climbing Centres

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