Third 8a for 10 year-old Josh Ibbertson

10 year-old Josh Ibbertson has redpointed his second and third 8a sport routes in Margalef, Spain with ascents of Sàtiva Patàtica and El Guardià. Josh climbed his first 8a Innuendo - also at Margalef - just two months ago in February (UKC News Report).

Josh Ibbotson becoming the youngest Brit to climb 8a, 147 kb
Josh Ibbotson becoming the youngest Brit to climb 8a
© James Ibbotson

Following Sativa Patatica, Josh and his father James made a father-son redpoint of El Guardia. James commented: "The final couple of days in Margalef were a success - Josh and I climbed another cool 8a, El Guardia. This was more of a power endurance route with a crux and run out at the top."

Josh is currently the youngest Brit ever to climb 8a by a two year margin. Other significant ascents by young British climbers include Randy Roby (UKC Report), just 13 -Raindogs, Peter Dawson, 12 and a half - The Cider Soak, Aiden Dunne, just 12, also with Raindogs and Jim Pope, 13 on Hot Fun Closing (UKC Report).

Kitty Wallace became the youngest British female to climb 8a aged 14 in 2008, with an ascent of Daniboy on Kalymnos (UKC Report), followed by Emily Allen climbing Aberration in 2013, also aged 14 (UKC Report).

Josh has made a video of the climb, which can be viewed below.


Josh is sponsored by: Boreal, The Depot Climbing Centre and The Leeds Wall

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