Dr Best, 8c, flash by Alex Megos

Alex Megos on Hockenheimring, 8c, Frankenjura
© Julian Söhnlein
Alex Megos has managed to flash Markus Bock's Dr Best, 8c, at the Holzgauer Wand in Frankenjura, Germany.

After returning from his successful trip to the Hanshelleren cave at Flatanger, where he repeated Thor's hammer, 9a+, and Odin's eye, 8c+, Alex Megos is now back home in Frankenjura. On his first day of climbing there, he managed to flash Dr Best, 8c, as well as making the first ascent of Hockenheimring, 8c, and repeat Dr Best plus, 8c/+, a harder variation of Dr Best. Alex commented on facebook that it was "Sad to see that there is some Sika in the route to create unnecessary holds..."

Alex Megos is sponsored by: DMM, Entre-Prises, Patagonia, Red Bull and Tenaya

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