Pringle and Graham repeat Thor's hammer, 9a+

Dave Graham on Thor's hammer, 9a+, Flatanger, Norway, 113 kb
Dave Graham on Thor's hammer, 9a+, Flatanger, Norway
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Ethan Pringle and Dave Graham have made the 5th and 6th ascent of Adam Ondra's Thor's hammer, 9a+, in the Hanshelleren cave at Flatanger, Norway.

After making good progress, the weather turned for the worse and the lower part of the route started seeping. This didn't stop Dave though: ...The Illusionist was all wet haha!!! I'm learning the art of wet climbing a la Ondra haha

Here is Dave Graham's write up from Instagram. Almost as epic as the ascent! 

Somehow battled through the lowest crux, the wet holds sucked, five bolts of infinity, they're passed tense, red-lining recovery, freaking out in the rest, kneebar number one, set forth onward, followed through in redpoint crux, into kneebar number 2, realized current location, intense fear of punting poisons mind, fear of poison cleanses mind, focus is light, blinding light, zone is acquired, operating space is available, full syncronicity in effect, zenny but hectic, slow motion and fast foreword, resting ritual complete, upward motion, theres still energy, checkpoint, checkpoint, checkpoint, toe-hooks, foot jams, dont forget the sequence, kneebar number 3, un-sequence-able rail, you will make you fall, doubt, thoughts, sunset light, rock is gold, pupils adjusting, thoughts are gone, resting is over, movement, beta is forgotten, peace is chaos, the rail is shuffled, the heals lock, anchor is clipped⚡️Elation is real!!!!!!! Thor's Hammer [9a+] ascent number 6.

Ethan's doesn't come far behind:

I climbed through the first crux section on my third go of the night and somehow managed not to fall on the latter 3/4 of the route! I was SO nervous and pretty convinced that I was going to fall everywhere but I had it so dialed that I could machine through it pretty mindlessly, on autopilot. My toes were TOTALLY numb and frozen on the second half of the route and I couldn't see the feet becuause it was pretty much DARK but I just kept trucking and fought to the top!!! Holy SHIT, SO PSYCHED!!! I screamed until my voice was horse.

Thor's hammer has seen five ascents since late August:

Alex Megos

Jakob Schubert

Daniel Woods

Ethan Pringle 

Dave Graham

Now I think the send train has gone for a while though.

Rock & Ice has an interview with Ethan Pringle about his ascent.

Ethan Pringle is sponsored by: Mountain Hardwear, Tenaya, Touchstone Climbing & Fitness and Trango

David Graham is sponsored by: Five Ten, Petzl, Trangoworld and Walltopia

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