4th ascent of The Game, ~8C, by Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb on The Game, ~8C, Boulder Canyon, Colorado, 96 kb
Jimmy Webb on The Game, ~8C, Boulder Canyon, Colorado
© Isabelle Faus
Jimmy Webb has made the 4th ascent of Daniel Woods' The Game, ~8C, at Boulder Canyon, Colorado.

Woods made the first ascent after 17 days of work in February 2010 called it his hardest problem ever and suggested V16/8C+. The following year, Carlo Traversi managed to repeat it after finding a better sequence and suggested V15/8C.

After re-climbing the problem using Carlo's method, Daniel agreed on the downgrade, but added that these holds had improved since when he made the first ascent and that they hadn't been possible to use back then.

In January 2013 Jon Cardwell made the 3rd ascent, even though he broke a hold that had previously been deemed crucial...

Now, after five days of work this season, and probably a couple before, Jimmy Webb has made 4th ascent. Jimmy, who's, 184cm, is the first climber taller than 170cm to repeat the problem.

Cold conditions today in bocan but things seemed to work out. On my first go of the session I sent 'The Game' V15. Feels so good to finish it off just before rolling back home. Huge props to Daniel Woods for puttin up this beast and a huge cheers to the krew for stickin with me the past few days!

Jimmy Webb is sponsored by: Five Ten, Hippytree, Metolius and Organic climbing

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