FRI NIGHT VID: Serendipity

This week's Friday Night Video comes from Abstract Normality Media and Wild Country, featuring Spanish climber Jose Olivares getting to grips with grit, trad and the Sheffield climbing scene, following his move to the UK in 2012.

When asked the most important question - "Peak limestone or grit?" - Jose told UKC:

"Probably limestone because sport climbing is what I enjoy the most and it suits me better. But I really like the grit, it is really challenging for me and the aesthetic of the lines is superb!"

His favourite route so far?

"My favourite route in the Peak is by a long way Unfamiliar E8 at Stanage Plantation, it is such an amazing line, the moves on it are really cool, the location is unbeatable, and for some reason I had a really good feeling when I got to the top. It is one of few routes that I would like to climb again."


Jose is sponsored by: Wild Country

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