Jimmy Webb climbs l'Alchimiste in a day, suggests ~8B

Jimmy Webb on l'Alchimiste, ~8B/+/C, Fontainebleau, 164 kb
Jimmy Webb on l'Alchimiste, ~8B/+/C, Fontainebleau
© David Mason
Jimmy Webb just arrived in Fontainebleau and although the weather was far from good or dry, he managed to repeat L'Alchimiste. Jimmy suggests ~8B, which means we now have suggestions of 8C, 8B+ and 8B.

He needed only three tries, so...perhaps 8C doesn't seem that likely?

It's a rad line for sure. Though these left and right exits are confusing. To me there is only one line up the wall and there are two different methods you could choose to use. For Nalle the right exit was easier and for Charles the left was easier. No difference in grade.. Just a difference in style.

I use the slopey method. Though I never tried the big move method [i.e Nalle's method]

James Webb is sponsored by: Five Ten, Hippytree, Metolius and Organic Climbing

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