The Big Island, ~8C, and more by Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb on The Big Island, ~8C, Fontainebleau, 86 kb
Jimmy Webb on The Big Island, ~8C, Fontainebleau
© Neil Hart
After only a few days in Fontainebleau and in mostly less than ideal conditions, Jimmy Webb has already managed to repeat L'Alchimiste, ~8B+, The Big Island, ~8C, La Toupie Carnivore (assis), ~8B+ and flashed Bleu Sacré, ~8A+/B.

Still, I have this distinct impression this is only the beginning and that Jimmy is only warming up. If the rain stops, I'm sure there are greater things to come. A first ascent of the sit start to The Big Island, an ~8B into an ~8C could possibly be in the cards and why not a repeat of Guillaume Glairon Mondet's Le Pied à Coulisse, ~8C+?

Fingers crossed for better weather!

Photo by Neil Hart

James Webb is sponsored by: Five Ten, Hippytree, Metolius and Organic Climbing

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