A banana on the First Fruit Ascent (FFA) of Master's Edge, 186 kb
A banana on the First Fruit Ascent (FFA) of Master's Edge
© joemallia, Feb 2012
At what point do you decide things are getting out of control:

When you climb E7?


When you climb the same E7 again??

Still no...

When you climb the E7 again and again, but this time a) dressed as animals b) dressed as bananas c) dressed as women d) wearing afat suit e) adorned in WW1 memorabilia (inc. gas mask).

No, still all perfectly normal...

Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker's yearly ascent of Master's Edgehas upped the ante year on year and after the list above it's hard to know where they'd take it next. Low and behold, they've done it - blow upMinion suits (why didn't I think of it...).

So sit back, enjoy, and wonder where on earth it's all going to go next year.

Pete Whittaker is sponsored by: Climb On, Casio G-Shock, Five Ten, Patagonia, Sterling Rope and Wild Country

Tom Randall is sponsored by: Climb On, Casio G-Shock,Five Ten, Rab, Sterling Rope and Wild Country. Tom is also a part owner of The Climbing Station

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