Jimmy Webb flashes The Globalist, ~8B+

Jimmy Webb on The Globalist, ~8B+, Sipoo, Finland, 125 kb
Jimmy Webb on The Globalist, ~8B+, Sipoo, Finland
© Nico Backström
Jimmy Webb has flashed Nalle Hukkataival's The Globalist, ~8B+, at Sipoo, outside Helsinki, Finland.

Jimmy comments in social media: Day 2 in Finland and my goal is complete! Nico Backström snapped this photo of me flashing the very sick Nalle Hukkataival boulder, 'The Globalist' 8B/+. This is a problem I've wanted to try for quite some time now and luckily we got it just dry enough to climb on! Tomorrow is another day though and there are more boulders to see. On to the next!

This was the 6th ascent of the problem, and previously everyone but Griffin Whiteside has agreed with the 8B+ grade. Griffin called it 13.75 i.e very hard 8B (V13=8B, V14=8B+).

This means Jimmy's flash is up there among the hardest in the world, along Adam Ondra's flashes of Jade and Gecko assis, Daniel Woods' flash of Entlinge (considered ~8C at the time but now more like ~8B) and his own flash of Sky to name a few.

Jimmy is in Finland to compete in the second edition of The Sisu Masters 2 April, together with Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, Nalle Hukkataival, Andy Gullsten and Ilari Kelloniemi. I'll of course be there to cover the action.

But until then, there is still time to try some more problems. Nalle's Lappnor project would be the obvious choice, but I would also like to see him try The Circus Elephant syndrome, an ~8B+ Nalle says could be the problem he has had to spend the most time on among the problems he has actually done. He has hinted it might actually rather be ~8C.

James Webb is sponsored by: Five Ten, Hippytree, Metolius and Organic Climbing

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