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In this podcast, I talk with American boulderer Jimmy Webb for an hour or so. The interview was made when we were in Helsinki for the Sisu Masters, which Jimmy won later the same day.

For those of you who don't know anything about Jimmy, he is one of the best boulderers in the world and has flashed more 8B's than anyone else. While in Finland, he managed to flash Nalle Hukkataival's The Globalist, ~8B+, and find some new beta on Nalle's famous Lappnor project.

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Jimmy Webb is one of the world's top boulderers, with multiple Font 8C+ problems on his CV. He has been at the forefront of pushing into new grade boundaries for several years and made first ascents worldwide.

Jimmy's Athlete Page 56 posts 11 videos

8 May, 2016
Great stuff. I finally managed to find the RSS feed for the Ledge podcast
13 May, 2016
It's interesting what he said about the top grades for bouldering, same as 8a Jens has been saying for some time.
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