The legendarily hilarious UK Wide-Boyz Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall have been back at it again with another trip to the US of A looking for that ultimate offwidth.

Reading their social media postings it seems they did find a 'God Line' but it doesn't sound like they ticked it... yet. But that didn't stop Pete onsighting what could still be one of the world's toughest offwidth roof routes - see his facebook post below.

Tom Randall commented on Facebook:

"This lad just put up the first ascent of one of the USA's hardest offwidths today, onsight. He screamed like he was giving birth to a Friend 6, and lost a good section of skin in the bombay roof chimney section, but it was probably (maybe?!) all worth it."

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Tom is a trad climber at heart, whose passion for the unknown in climbing has lead to numerous new routes both in the UK and overseas.

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12 May, 2016
Impressive line. Good wound too!
12 May, 2016
And he didn't even stand on a pile of rocks at the start.
13 May, 2016
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