Video: Alex Megos on Hubble

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In June, Alex Megos came over to the UK for some unfinished business. He had very briefly tried Hubble back in 2013 and was attracted by its history, aura and difficulty. In this latest video about 'The Alex Megos Formula,' we get to see his ascent, as well as hear Jerry Moffatt describe Isaac Newton's law of Universal Gravitation - thanks Jerry.


"Hubble is not just a route, Hubble is a myth."

Alex Megos

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Alex has risen quickly through the ranks of German climbers to become a globetrotting superstar of the modern climbing scene. His phenomenal sport climbing achievements place him as one of the most important climbers of...

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27 Jul, 2016
I love that this kid has such a respect for history, and the stories that surround climbing. It's one of the reasons I love this sport so much - the stories, the people who went before, did crazy things - the myths. Well said Alex! For someone who can send so much harder than 8c+, for an 8c+ to mean so much to him is really cool. He cares more about the history than the number.
27 Jul, 2016
Maybe I'm wrong but I got the impression he was rather underwhelmed by the whole experience. Call me cynical, seemed more like he was just for-filling his obligations to his sponsor and their UK market. Which, to be fair, is his job I suppose.
27 Jul, 2016
I agree, and I thought the same about Honnold and the slate. Something like: Yeah, great, unique... Well, I wouldn't travel around the world for it... but if you find yourself in Llanberis , it's OK. As I said, something like that.
27 Jul, 2016
I've never been to Yosmite but my guess is once you have Llanberis ceases to impress. :)
27 Jul, 2016
I've been to Yosemite twice and it'll always be a special place for me, but Llanberis still impresses. I'm probably more keen to get to Gogarth than anywhere at the moment.
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